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Is Your Web Design Y Generation Ready?

Is Your Web Design Y Generation Ready


Is Your Web Design Y Generation Ready?

Is Your Web Design Y Generation Ready?

Millennials are exalted, diverse & represent more than 80 billion consumers globally. Over past few years, Millennials have loftily driven customer’s demand & buying power, which has become unquestionably eminent. Here in this blog, we intend to share some vital factors upon, who are Millennials & why does your business need to be millennial-friendly. How the market & customers purchasing power has been majorly impacted. We all love to reach out to our customers & of course for that we make extra efforts to evaluate this era to develop suitable strategies.

Who are the Millennials?

This exquisite generation which is called the “Millennials “is absolutely one of its kind. They’re usually observed doing in-depth research for appropriate options, offers & discounts, buying online & having a lot to do with your products & services related reviews. These customers are usually between the age group of 18 to 38 years. Having found them extremely active on social media platforms on mobile phones & very tech-savvy generation. If you are one of that business sells online, you may definitely find visuals like images, videos, infographic & mobile apps handy!

Recent surveys data have also shown the customer behaviors such as around 71% of millennials always sleep next to their phones. According to recent 2017 data, around 28% of US population alone is millennials.

Why it’s vital to have a millennial friendly website?

Millennials are already consistently showing a rise in numbers up to 89% personal & business-related buying decisions. They are not at all a demographic segment you can afford to ignore. Millennials will mark up 50% of future manpower in 2020 & 75% in 2025.

It is especially true that your target audience behavior has changed & evolved a lot with the technological growth this era has experienced. With constantly changing & advancing technologies, there is a remarkably increased choice in mobile applications & media consumptions. Nonetheless, new aspects of customer behavior are being revealed too; through measuring & monitoring various analytical data.

These insights upon these customer behaviors have drawn some breakthroughs & valuable data. From a wide range of devices of television, desktops & smartphones to tablets various finding has been revealed.×410.png

No wonder, most companies have come up with plans on how to attract more millennials & convert them to happy customers. This generation has the power even to take off your brand in-case they’re not satisfied with your product or services. As they are 73% of times connected to social media actively and easily share photos & reviews. However, their feedback can also gain trust & influence many of their friends & followers. If they find your website or e-store too complicated they won’t hold back to head on to your competitors.

The Ultimate mantra of Millennials is “Fast, Easy & Quality”

  • The user-centric approach is very essential, hence a user-friendly & responsive design, mobile- friendly with swipe-friendly & tap friendly features in your website, with the ease of accessibility for an utmost shopping experience.
  • A website which is not only great in Look & Feel, but also speaks authentically to Values, Needs & their Pain points in a way answers all their queries.
  • Fast loading web pages. Kissmetrics has mentioned on an average people expect load time of 1 to 3 sec at its best.
  • Quick & Easy run through seamless shopping experience throughout the transactions.
  • Simplified & easy navigations on the menu.
  • Clean, Crisp & Relevant Content which is not too cluttered.
  • Social media integrations with major popular platforms.
  • Rich media – visually impactful.

Considering the facts, when you offer products or services to this customer segment you need to particularly think, act, analyze & buy, by mimicking them. Poor user experience means low revenue.

A huge volume of daily active users gets their news from Facebook rather than sources like BBC or CNN. To encash this massive number its essential to set up social sharing on your websites. In case you miss out on adding socials on your website, you shall most likely end up being ignored altogether by relevant prospective customers.

Millennials love offers, discounts, freebies, games, social sharing, reward points, badges, you get to know what we mean. Makes it absolutely easy for the millennials to share your content stuff with everyone. If possible create some kind of loyalty programs or something to reward your customers with reward points, badges, coupons & free stuff by using your product or service or promoting your business. These are few things which shall definitely help turn millennials into your loyal customers & passive promoters too.

But, how do I do I know I’m not missing out other age groups?

They may be picky, impatient, fickle; still, it does not mean there is no way to delight or gratify them. Once you launch your website or mobile app just remember these tips which matter most to Millennials: Quick, ease of use & quality. This approach of designing your website will not only appeal to millennials, but also to the broader audience which will enable you to tap into the highly coveted market; who spends billions to trillions of dollars on products & services and you can definitely outshine this year.

How can we help you?

At Innvonix we specialize in creating elegant, customized & beautiful websites for multi-dimensional industries. Sign up for a free trial here, or contact us with your requirements & discuss your project.

Free Website Assessment!

Want a free website assessment on millennial-friendliness? Reach us out & we’ll be happy to help!

Mr. Rakesh has spent 3+ years serving as the Digital marketing professional. His areas of expertise in online marketing are SEO, ASO and PPC. He applies smart marketing techniques to improve web or app and raise conversion rate.

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