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Moment Pro camera app for iOS and Android


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Moment Pro camera app for iOS and Android

Moment Pro camera app for iOS and Android

Smartphone cameras are good enough to leave the dedicated camera behind. Moment provides several lens options while also providing a smartphone app to give you full manual control of the camera in your phone. A new version was released with plenty of new features.

Moment has just launched a major revamp to its smartphone camera app. Paired with the company’s cases and high-end lenses, the app aims to bring a “DSLR shooting experience” to your phone. The new app is a “ground-up redesign” that adds more shooting options, full manual controls, and major stability improvements.

Most Android phones have manual control options in their respective smartphone app, but Apple does not provide this control on the iPhone. Thus, the new Moment app really shines for iPhone users who finally have an enhanced manual control experience. The app even uses Apple’s 3D Touch technology to make the in app shutter button a dual stage shutter.

You can purchase the iOS app for $2.99 and the Android version for $1.99. You can also try some of the basic features for free. Moment stated that the camera app has the following features:

  • Full Manual experience: Control exposure, ISO, shutter speed, focus, and white balance independently with easy to use sliders and double taps to reset.
  • 3D Touch Shutter: Control your shutter like a DSLR camera. Using Apple’s 3D Touch technology, we’ve brought the shooting experience of a pro shutter button to the touch screen. Half press to focus, full press to capture using the in-app shutter button.
  • RAW + TIFF: Shoot photos in RAW format for better editing, or TIFF for high-quality printing.
  • HEIF and HEVC: Seamless support for the latest Apple file formats across photo and video.
  • Dual Lens Control: Manually control which side of the dual lens you want to shoot with so you can use Moment lenses over either one.
  • Precise Video: Change your resolution and frame rate on screen, without digging into a settings menu.
  • Live Histogram: Get your exposure right every time.
  • Split Focus and Exposure: Take control of tricky lighting scenarios.
  • Auto Video Stabilization: Make your videos buttery smooth.

Download the app and enjoy your phone camera like DSLR.

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