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SpacewAR Uprisingis an Best AR Games That’s Made In India


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SpacewAR Uprisingis an Best AR Games That’s Made In India

SpacewAR Uprisingis an Best AR Games That’s Made In India

It is time for players to jump into the augmented reality (AR) cockpit of an advanced fighter plane in SpacewAR Uprising and battle to save the Earth from an evil alien force hellbent on destroying everything in their way.

SpacewAR Uprisingis Developed by Tresre is Games, a game studio based out of Kerala, Spacewar Uprising is a science fiction game where you control a spaceship that’s on a mission to save Earth from certain annihilation. The game’s story shows Earth being attacked by alien spaceships from a fictional galaxy called Clomozavendra. The enemy is headed by an alien called Clomatandria who is hell bent on destroying Earth.

SpacewAR Uprising: The Narrative

Bony Raju said that they didn’t want to create a run-of-the-mill game with no story. The narrative we play with is that there is an evil alien by the name of Clomatandria who is moving from galaxy to galaxy, destroying and subjugating all that stands in her path. When she arrives at Earth, the planet deploys a protective shield which she cannot get through. So instead, she sends her army to take out X-Castera, the defensive shield protecting Earth. So your job is to defend the shield generator.


Spacewar Uprising requires access to your iPhone or iPad camera for the AR mode to work. You scan any flat surface and the game will ask if you want to place X-Castera on that surface. The game tells you to find a safe space before you start playing and we should note that you need a large area to play this game properly. If you’re cramped for room at home or at work, try playing this outdoors.

To help in your efforts, players will be able to pick from a number of different ships, weapons and upgrades that will turn the tide of battle. Knowing when and how to attack the enemy will ensure maximum damage output all while keeping your ship’s shields and health up high. By collecting the Space Chips that defeated enemies drop, upgrades can be purchased to evolve your options in battle.

Should you buy it


SpacewAR Uprising for iOS is available on the App Store for Rs 159. Bony shared with us that since the game is not a free game, they haven’t seen as many conversions as free games enjoy. He did, however, say that they have noticed the game is most popular in America and South Korea. The price of the game isn’t all too high, especially for a game that is first of its kind and is developed by India’s own talented young developers. It is only when we purchase the software or apps made by hard working individuals that they have the incentive to continue making newer and better products for us. Go show TresReis Games some love and download their game.

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