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The Growing footprints of Hybrid apps

The Growing footprints of Hybrid apps

Mobile Apps

The Growing footprints of Hybrid apps

The Growing footprints of Hybrid apps

Digitization is the undeniable fact of 21st century and the way technology is getting involved in every aspect of life, it is tough to ignore the growing presence of smart-phones in our life.

To be more specific, Smart-phone revolutions is something that has changed the whole story in one go. It not only affects our personal life but plays a vital roles in our business too.


There is not any one size fits all approach when it comes to mobile app development. You can either go with native app development, create a responsive website or go with a hybrid mobile app. Out of these options, hybrid mobile apps development is the most preferred one. That’s because hybrid mobile app development is associated with a variety of benefits. Here is a list of the most prominent Advantages & disadvantages that you can experience as a result of hybrid mobile app development.

What are the Advantages?

Cost Effective?

Of course, it is! As we build a single application to use different devices, the app development cost will be very less since same code can work on all devices (iOS, Android, Windows). This again increases the speed of development and reduces the maintenance cost.

Apart from this, in future, if any changes are to be made to the application, then, you can bravely go for it as there is no need to make changes for all the devices which the application work for.

Resource Availability?

It works based on HTML and JavaScript. So a normal web developer can develop a hybrid app with little training.

Help in product development?

Product development is one of the most uses of the hybrid application, because when we start a product we cannot spend a lot of money on to it. So we can build MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in hybrid and can also build native app after the success of product using user trends and behaviors.

Facebook was hybrid at an early stage, but later they couldn’t manage with a hybrid, and they had to move to native for each device. The time has changed! Hybrid application tools are better now and can manage a medium scale application easily.

What are the Disadvantages?

Each technology carries with it, the bag of its own pros and cons. Some disadvantages of our hybrid app are:
They do not support an offline mode. As the app fetches from the server, the user has to be online to use the application.
You may or may not have access to native application features (Contacts, SMS, Hardware Device Buttons not now but in future).

Do Hybrid Apps have a Great future?

Hybrid app development is one of the fastest growing areas of IT now. There are many frameworks that have access to more devices. So, in the coming future, it can work like a native app. Though currently if time and cost constraints are not present, it is better to go with Native apps, as Hybrid apps are still not mature enough.

There is not dearth of tools and frameworks in respect of Hybrid App. Below are some of popular Hybrid App development framework.

Hybrid App Development FrameworkWhen there are too many benefits who will deny to go with this new age App. The great thing is that this Hybrid Apps is a right kind of choice to make in order to lift up the profit of business.

Conclusions :

Though Hybrid apps are not at par with Native apps, but are quickly making progress in terms of making effective applications and the progress is only going to increase manifolds in coming times. The way platforms are upgrading themselves, the time is not far when we can see hybrid apps out competing the native applications.

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